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Edward C Krey

Lighthouse HR Support
Grand Junction, Colorado
All things HR related.  From employees requesting leave for covid related issues or vaccinations, unemployment or unemployment fraud, background screening for prospective job applicants (including criminal, motor vehicle, sex offender, credit reports, education and employment verifications), finding the right employee to hire, onboarding of new employees, progressive discipline policies, management and employee training topics and offerings, employee relations and culture, job descriptions, handbook creation, performance management.  We take HR 911 calls to walk through problematic issues dealing with employment.

We are an HR consulting company that can make your job easier and take some of the HR burdens off of your plate or at least help you to manage them appropriately. Whether you are a small business owner or an HR professional, we can support you in many ways.

We also offer group benefits like medical, dental, vision and life insurance to help you retain employees and provide a solid work environment.