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Briefly, Lee Burnett has held executive positions in several companies.  As President he directed a venture capital funded small financial services company from launch through an IPO NASDAQ listing.  This company grew from three employees to over three hundred and had a high water market cap in excess of $450 million. As a Tech Transfer Advisor to a University of Colorado  startup he was instrumental in winning a Gates Grant for product development.  Mr. Burnett is an Army Vietnam Era Veteran and has has summited major peaks on five continents.

His current startup venture is OnSite Tests, a High-Tech Ag Crop Testing Company delivering ag crop testing production management tools that are based on the smartphone, proprietary company immunoassay test strips and the Cloud to be used on-location at the farm to assure crop marketability. .

For example, in the hemp industry on-the-farm testing can remove the farmer's fear of regulatory mandated crop destruction of this high-value crop should it exceeds the USDA maximum THC level . Note that every single hemp crop in the U.S. must be government tested prior to obtaining harvest approval. OnSite scientific crop management tools will assist the farmer to harvest its crop. The USDA historical compliance crop harvest failure rate is 25%.

Colorado alone projects $842 Million Colorado farmgate Looses due to Hemp Crop Destruction per Governor Jared Polis, Colorado Department of Agriculture Commissioner Kate Greenberg, and Colorado Attorney General Phillip J. Weiser. OnSite tests thereby increases Significant Rural Economic Development in Colorado by Mitigating Non-Compliant Hemp Crop Loses.

For the ten major food crops of the world the timely detection of such pathogens and bacteria can save an immense amount of food that would be lost at harvest or in storage. OnSite future tests will target listeria, aflatoxin, botrytis and e coli.

OnSite will disrupt the slower off-site commercial lab testing service market by providing on-location test results quantifying the selected sample THC content. Initial OnSite prospects include farmers, law enforcement officers and regulatory agencies. Each and every user, farmer, law enforcement officer or regulatory administrator test results will be stored and recorded in dedicated database files. In addition to crop testing comprehensive industry data will be aggregated and marketed.

Onsite test advantages include results in 15 minutes versus several days; results that equal or surpass commercial lab accuracy; dramatically lower test costs; complete data capture, logging and reporting; and secure blockchain traceability. There is simply no competitive, easy-to-use, on location, THC hemp testing solution available today.
OnSite tests will be manufactured under strict ISO standards with results accuracy in the parts per billion. No FDA product approval is required.  Individual test results and trending reports are automatically generated for the farmer. And complete records of every farmer’s tests are maintained in the company database.
The OnSite testing tools are familiar; easy-to-use; and economical for regular daily use.

The current market opportunities extensive as the USDA projects 2025 hemp product sales at $25 Billion; 1,025,000 acres to be planted and 105,000 farms cultivating hemp.
Onsite financial projections for this market are significant and far understate the revenue potential to be gained by expanding sales to Canada, Mexico, Europe and South America.

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