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Monica Wilson

Green Building Certification Institute
WELL Certification Reviewer
Denver, CO
Hey there! I am an environmental scientist and green building professional who’s passionate about the ways in which cities are developed, technology, and improved environments that can change one’s life’s trajectory. Two years ago, I became a digital nomad and traded in east coast hustle and bustle culture in order to explore all that the West has to offer. Trailblazing my life path changed my outlook on life when I realized that I was not truly living "well' in a fast-paced world that can leave us with little time for taking care of ourselves and reaping the benefits and life lessons learned in nature. 

I have a knack for public speaking which includes sharing my experience of being a minority in the sustainability field, as well as sharing my journey to how I designed my career and lifestyle. If you're interested in connecting to chat about sustainability or public speaking, feel free to send me a message and say hello!
Monday, July 12

4:00pm MDT