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Zodat Industries
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Hesperus, CO

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We are still in our startup phase - have patent - have proof of concept - looking for investors to be able to move into rapid prototyping leading to full-scale manufacturing and distribution.  Zodat Industries is a newly formed (May 2020) Colorado LLC that is in the business of manufacturing/assembling and selling headlight washer systems into the North American Aftermarket for both light and heavy-duty vehicle applications.

Technology in today’s vehicles is a mainstay for information and convenience. Operators and consumers alike demand uninterrupted access to these features and continually seek out products that enhances their driving experience. The environment in which they drive (dirt, snow, rain, road grime, etc.) can be detrimental to the overall function of headlights, sensors, cameras, and taillights, thus decreasing luminosity and visibility. This in turn requires drivers to slow down to avoid outrunning their headlights and creates an unsafe and dangerous situation for them and other drivers.

Zodat washer system, enables drivers to clean their lights, sensors, and cameras from inside the cab of the vehicle while driving, enabling them to maintain full illumination and situational awareness on the highway in all conditions. This system utilizes the existing windshield washer fluid reservoir, a custom designed high-pressure pump and specially engineered spray nozzles.

Our first model will be designed to fit most heavy vehicles without the need to design and produce a separate model for each vehicle. Once fully funded we will be designing more vehicle and application specific models through our in-house product development department.
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