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Drew Tulchin

New Mexico Angels
New Mexico

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Drew is very active with New Mexico start-ups, most notably with Meow Wolf, a New Mexico B Corp that creates immersive arts experiences to wow. His efforts there, among others, led to raising more than $125 million in investment. He is now the President of the New Mexico Angels and is working to help grow the New Mexico economy and connect entrepreneurs and investors.
Consulting has taken Drew across New Mexico, the U.S., to Native American nations, and more than 40 countries. He has contributed to 100+ business plans and dozens of start-ups to get going. His work has generated over $300 million in investment and 1,000s of jobs.
In his free time, Drew plays ultimate Frisbee anywhere he can, is learning tennis, hikes to get lost, eats food he doesn’t recognize, and enjoys bad puns more than he should.