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Rebecca Mullen

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I am passionate about relationships: improving communication, fostering habits that connect you, and upping the joy you feel. I teach a 12-week class to couples across the country: Habits for Your Happily Ever After. 

I believe that every person wants transformational love. It’s great to have a fun time, but at our core, you want to be loved not just for what you do well, but loved and understood at the end of a hard day when you lose your temper.

These days the lines between work and life are thin or non-existent. What if you’re more private than your extraverted sweetheart? How do you negotiate kids and whose turn is it to clean the bathroom? Getting what you want from a relationship doesn’t just happen; it’s designed.

Talk to me about the dream you have for your relationship. Do you want a partner who will invest in remodeling a house together? A lover who surprises you with a picnic pulled out of a backpack at the summit? Or are you looking for a friend who will celebrate the risk you took with that challenging client?